Welcome to Business Craftsmanship

Hello, and thanks for visiting. My name is Tobias Mayer, Agile explorer, agitator, and right-brain thinker. I started this new website and blog in September 2012 to consolidate my online presence, and to more effectively represent my current work in the organizational development and transformation field.

The concept of Business Craftsmanship grew out of the work I have been doing in the Agile software development field as a educator, guide and facilitator over the past nine years. As I matured in my profession I continued to seek ways to teach and apply these ideas to any knowledge work context. I have adopted the foundational principles and values inherent in the Agile way of working and combined them with my own life and career experiences to build a transformative and human-centric framework which I am now using with great enjoyment to guide whole organizations towards a new way of being.

The Business Craftsmanship approach is, in essence, an abstraction of Scrum, drawing away from the focus on process, roles, artifacts, and meetings, and embracing its fundamental purpose: The transformation of the knowledge work environment. Business Craftsmanship emphasises sound business practices, community values, and personal interaction. It provides space for an organization to understand why this approach may be valuable, before addressing what to do, or how to do it—the usual focus of an Agile adoption. Beginning with a clear sense of purpose, both from a business perspective and for each individual a personal one, opens the possibility to create an engaged workforce that is able to figure out the what and the how for themselves.

The writing on my blog will explore the fledgling ideas that form the basis of Business Craftsmanship as outlined here. If you’d like to follow this work, please subscribe to the RSS feed, or simply check in from time to time. Your comments and questions are always welcome.

— 1 September 2012